Rooibos – Red tea from Mariage Frères

at Cave Secrète - in Nuremberg

Our Rooibos Selection

Rooibos does not come from the tea plant, but from a shrub in South Africa. This “red tea” can be drunk in the evening as it is completely free of theine and caffeine. It is rich in vitamin C and minerals.

Rouge Bourbon

Without theine, this red rooibos with Madagascar vanilla, velvety, mellow and smooth, can be enjoyed throughout the day by the whole family, hot or cold.

Rouge Métis

A beautiful red rooibos, rich in fragrance, perfumed with black and red fruits, spices, flowers and citrus.

Theine-free, perfect for drinking in the early evening.

Rouge Pleine Lune

A Mariage Frères creation offered by the Mayor of Paris to the Queen of England during her visit in June 2014.

This rooibos is dedicated to the moment of the day when the moon appears in the sky and offers us its fragrances of almond, spices and exotic fruits.

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