Gourmet Food & Tea Objects from Mariage Frères

at Cave Secrète - in Nuremberg

Our Tea Gourmet & Tea Objects Selection

Tea biscuits, tea jelly and objects related to tea, such as the magnificent Art Deco teapot by Mariage Frères from 1930.

Gelée Extra de Thé - Tarry Souchong

Like a jam, this subtly smoked tea jelly will accompany your muffins, scones, toast or brioches, or your cheese boards.

Produced by Mariage Frères since the 19th century in copper bowls in the traditional way.

Sablés au Thé - Vert Matcha

Tea biscuits flavoured with Japanese green tea. To be enjoyed at any time of the day.

Art Déco 1930 - Théière isotherme

This teapot is the emblem of the Mariage Frères House.

Decorative and functional, this isothermal teapot is perfect for keeping your tea or infusion hot for at least an hour.

Gelée Extra de Thé - Darjeeling Impérial

Gelée Extra de Thé - Eros

Gelée Extra de Thé - Noël

Gelée Extra de Thé - Montagne d'Or

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At Cave Secrète in Nürnberg

Located in the St Johannis district in Nuremberg, Cave Secrète since 2016 carefully selects and imports French and Italian wines and Champagne from independent winemakers.

Cave Secrète is also a gourmet food shop and the French tea of Mariage Frères.

All our products share the same value: we selected each one of them for their quality and the talent of the people who produce them.